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Progress Report

Friday, August 7th, 2009
Aaron’s blood pressure continues to be a problem. His red blood cell count is down, so he has to have a blood transfusion this afternoon that will take 24-hours to administer. The goal is to still have the heart catheterization on Monday.
He has been more tired than usual but that may be due to what is going on inside. Thank you all for your continued support.

Yesterday Aaron was mentioned on the radio!! 95.7 The Wolf and their DJ, Keola, over the course of a half an hour mentioned Aaron twice and played The Climb by Mily Cyrus for him.

 He also talked about his blog site. Please continue to spread the word about Aaron. Our hope is that his story moves people in ways that inspire them to do something or be something wonderful. It has connected people together that otherwise would have never met.

We are so grateful, the Brentwood Press published a great article about us in today’s publication. It’s on page 11A and 17A.

We have received calls from people who have read the article and want to help. One lady who was moved by Aaron’s story, didn’t just want to write a check but wants to help too. She said she would normally just donate money but she knew she had to call to find out more and see where she could be of help.

If you feel the same way here are ways you too can help:

  1. Send an email out to all of your friends with this website address in it so they can read the story. The more people that know, the more we can do – the power is in the numbers!
  2. Write notes of encouragement to the family on this blog.
  3. Pray.
  4. Pray again.

God Bless!

Thank You — 95.7 The Wolf

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

So today at about 4:30, the only radio staion that we listen too now 95.7 The  Wolf  with Keola, one of there DJs played The Climb by Mily Cyrus for Aaron.  He mentioned Aaron and his websight  twice over the course of  a half hour. 

I dont know if you have heard that song but is definitely fitting and brings me to tears. It has been an uphill battle all these years and now we have another set back, but like the song says we just have to get to the other side. The other side will be when he has the heart and kidney transplant.

Thank you to 95.7  The Wolf and Keola  for helping us with our fight!

Aarons kidneys are taking some setbacks at this point but they assure us that once he has the catheter for dialysis in place, he will feel  so much better.

The doctors here st UCSF have his blood pressure a little bit more in control with the many meds that he is on. So, that is working in his favor, so he will be able to have the  heart catheterization on Monday. Our goal now is to keep him stable until he has the heart cath. Monday so they can get a look at the pressure in his heart.

Thank you to all fo following our story and on being on this climb with us we will get there with the support from our family, friends and community…